Represents an SQL array access, with multiple possible arguments.



Defined sql.js Source
function (arrCol,sub){
   //The SQL array column
   this.__arrCol = arrCol;
   //The array of subscripts to use (should be an array of numbers)
   this.__sub = sub;

addSub Function Public

Defined sql.js

Create a new patio.sql.Subscript appending the given subscript(s) the the current array of subscripts.

Arguments Source
function (sub){
   return new SubScript(this.__arrCol, this.__sub.concat(sub));

toString Function Public

Defined sql.js

Converts the patio.sql.SubScript to a string.

Arguments Returns Source
function (ds){
   !Dataset && (Dataset = require("./dataset"));
   ds = ds || new Dataset();
   return ds.subscriptSql(this);

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