Represents a literal string with placeholders and arguments. This is necessary to ensure delayed literalization of the arguments required for the prepared statement support and for database-specific literalization.

Extends Instance Properties
PropertyTypeDefault ValueDescription

READ ONLY array of arguments that will be literalized using patio.Dataset#literal, and replaced in the string.


READ ONLY set to true to wrap the string in parens.


READ ONLY the string that contains placeholders.


Defined sql.js Source
function (str,args,parens){
   parens = parens || false;
   var v;
   this.__str = str;
   this.__args = isArray(args) && args.length === 1 && isHash((v = args[0])) ? v : args;
   this.__parens = parens;

toString Function Public

Defined sql.js

Converts the patio.sql.PlaceHolderLiteralString to a string.

Arguments Returns Source
function (ds){
   !Dataset && (Dataset = require("./dataset"));
   ds = ds || new Dataset();
   return ds.placeholderLiteralStringSql(this);

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